About me

My hope is that each of us can find and excel at work that matters to us and uses our unique talents. I feel privileged to have helped hundreds of people think about how and where thy want to lead and how to do it in a way that aligns with their values.

In me, you will find:

A true partner

I believe that the coaching relationship is a peer connection—an exchange between equals—where each person brings specialized skills and knowledge. This partnership begins by establishing a clear objective for our time together, though we may uncover exciting new possibilities and paths that take you beyond the results you imagined.

Together, we will embark on an interactive and organic process to achieve results.

A supportive sounding board

My coaching provides a confidential space to explore what’s going on at work and identify what is needed to improve both your effectiveness and your satisfaction in your position.

It’s easy to lose faith in yourself, especially when stepping into something new or unexpectedly challenging. I will help you see and call upon your strengths to navigate blocks and barriers. I will believe in you and help you believe in yourself.

Gentle accountability

Accountability in coaching isn’t about guilt; it’s about discovering what actions work for you and what gets in your way. My role is to support you in discovery.

A seasoned coach with expertise

I am a credentialed coach, having completed the Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University. I have received certifications from the prestigious Strozzi institute, Presence-Based® Coaching, and Leadership Embodiment International, and I am certified to administer a variety of assessment tools.

While many people “coach” others by simple mentoring or counseling, as a professional leadership coach, I am disciplined and skilled in helping you uncover your own innate wisdom to stretch into new awareness, behaviors, and skills.

A real person

Making a positive difference in people’s lives is a deep honor for me that I never take for granted; I am incredibly lucky to do what I love for a living. I am completely committed to your success, and I am an avid learner of all things related to coaching.

I take my profession (but not myself!) very seriously. When I’m not coaching, I read, bicycle and walk the dogs around the lakes near our house, spend time with my family, and take road trips.

That’s my story. Now I’d like to hear from you.

I want to help you succeed through deep listening, thoughtful support, and challenging you to make positive changes in your professional life. This process will change you.

Set up an initial call now

I see myself as a strong leader based on this coaching process. It was awesome to have the opportunity for someone to help me think through day-to-day challenges in the workplace and then challenge me to do something about them. I have become more strategic when attempting to manage troublesome situations. To make the impact you did in such a short time speaks volumes.

—Johanna, university administrator