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Hi, I’m Jean Johnson

I’m an executive coach, strategist, and thought partner to seasoned and successful leaders who are ready to step into their unique professional sweet spot. I want to help you be happier, while making a more meaningful impact in your professional life.

Jean Johnson

Are you ready to:

  • Get unstuck

    You and I will partner to strategize how to create the future you want for you and for your organization.

  • Move into a larger role

    We can help you refine the skills and confidence to take the next step in your career.

  • Gain perspective

    Together, we will discover your truest goals, and build a path to accomplish them.

  • Make a change

    With a trusted, confidential partner you can figure out what’s next—more? Less? Different?

It's all possible.

No matter how well­-qualified and experienced, every leader can benefit from the perspective and guidance of a skilled partner, especially when that partner has the singular goal of helping you create the professional life that is most fulfilling for you.

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Jean has stretched my thinking and capacity, and with her guidance, I have learned helpful strategies that can be applied to daily business and life. Jean has made a significant difference in both my personal and professional development.

—Lorrie, nonprofit leader